Community Action Plan - Develop Community Hub

Updated 18:18 Monday 11 September

Lead for this item is BRDT


The following Projects support this action:

BaRI Building

Community Hub Feasibility

Activities and comments:

Feasibility study for new community Hub - initiated by BRDT end 2022.

Action activity

11 September 2023

Met with Terry and Louise to look around building - ideally if housing can be moved to the lower left side of the building we could operate the store in the lower right side. Would require removal/adjustment of the counter and shared access to kitchen and toilet. Terry to progress. Structural engineer's report also due after his visit last week, Terry to forward.

18 August 2023

Teams meeting with PKC legal and Terry to discuss options for early access/lease. Will depend upon Housing and ability to modify - next step to meet on Monday 11 Sep to view downstairs and discuss options. Structural survey to be carried out in the next few weeks. PKC will complete an asbestos survey prior to any handover of building.

14 August 2023

Teams meeting with PKC legal arranged for Friday 18 Aug to discuss lease option whilst waiting for longer term option.

20 July 2023

PKC arranging for asbestos survey then structural survey - dates to be advised.

23 June 2023

Teams meeting with PKC - to review high level timeline. latest info is:

  • housing and registrar may relocate 
  • both then use a desk/room as needed ie hire on need
  • still need to progress legal side
  • structural info is key for BRDT - Terry to chase
  • Police advising they will not look at relocating for several years

15 June 2023

Meet with Terry, Norman, and housing in 46 Leslie Street for a chat and look around. Indication is Housing will look to relocate but have a 'drop-in desk' in the building. Registrar will need to use the ceremonies room as needed.

26 May 2023

Teams meeting with PKC - progress steady, legal looking at options (Licence to Occupy etc), speaking with housing to plan walk around and Terry to speak to Police ref looking at Police Station. Next get together will be walk round - 15 June at 11am.

5 May 2023

Teams meeting with PKC - progressing and support from Higher Management. Aiming for joint walk around towards end May to look at use. Next get together is 19 May at 10am.

21 April 2023

Met with Stuart Nichol to review his research which focussed on the Building being a Heritage Centre which was unfortunately not sustainable. Discussed Police STation as it is also an option. Plan to speak with Police Scotland to view inside Police Station.

17 April 2023

View 46 Leslie Street to look at layout and options.

14 April 2023

Teams meeting with PKC - keen to collaborate with Housing, BRDT and Police Scotland.

10 March 2023

Spoke with Terry Hughes (PKC) - agreed to arrange Teams Mtg to discuss. Terry suggests putting in the Community Asset Transfer Application as that will get the ball rolling.

Questions for 46 Leslie Street:

  • Confirm possible date of entry
  • Request HEAT to survey building
  • Confirm rates reduction
  • Confirm water rate reduction
  • Identify Library future
  • Has PKC surveyed building

3 March 2023

Expanded and completed discussion on potential layout of what goes where - details here.

Reviewed costs and created estimates - details here.

Next steps:

  • Confirm possible date of entry
  • Request HEAT to survey building
  • Confirm rates reduction
  • Confirm water rate reduction
  • Identify Library future
  • Has PKC surveyed building

24 February 2023

Discussion on potential layout of what goes where - details here.

17 February 2023

Having reviewed CAP actions and identified the list of items that would use a community hub as a base and what items would use it as an info/promotion point as identified on this page, all of the items listed would not produce an income at the out set and hence would not sustain a building and running costs. A key element of the community building is it needs a coordinator to manage and run and as the overarching group in the town that supports the community and holds finance and assets for the town - BRDT is the obvious choice.

Moreover, as at Feb 2023, BRDT currently rents 2 buildings (Booklore and the BaRI Building including mental health services & groups) to provide services for the town, both of which bring in an income. Therefore, in order to progress this action sooner and address many actions within the CAP, it is logical to incorporate these items into the community building.

Therefore we need a building that incorporates the items as recorded on this page.

3 & 10 February 2023

Identify what from each action will go into the building and what that means.

  • Combine heritage items into 1 - Support & Promote Local Heritage, we recognised a museum is highlighted as a need - that is a standalone need, heritage items can be an element of the Community Building to help with promotion and raising awareness of local heritage. The museum could be in the community building providing there was space and it is sustainable
  • Currently Community Bdg can be an info point for many items (needs a groups to lead on/coordinate)
  • Indoor Activities - like a museum, it needs space and a group to run

27 Jan 2023

Review list of Actions that would benefit from a Community Building and allocate them in 3 categories - Physical Base, Information Point and potential Income Generator.

20 Jan 2023

Review CAP Actions and identify those which could benefit from a Community Building

Building Options:

  • 46 Leslie Street
  • 53-55 High Street
  • St Mary's South - Pipe Band
  • Davie park changing rooms
  • Police Station
  • Other options as they arise

Things to Consider including

  • BRDT Base
  • BaRI Store
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Cafe - self service machines for groups
  • Booklore
  • Co-working/Hot Desking

Income potential

  • BRDT Base - funding
  • BaRI Store - rent
  • Cafe 
  • Booklore
  • Artwork sales
  • Any project using building as base - funding
  • Hot Desk/Co-working

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This action supports the following CAP priorities:

Develop New Facilities

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