Community Building - List of Needs

Updated 09:39 Friday 3 March

This list was created by BRDT on 17 February 2023

The following items will be included in a Community Building.

Email for info.

Ground Floor


Combine rooms R002, R003, R004, R005 and R006 with R008 as store. Create comfortable seating area for reading when Booklore is open which can be used at other times for meetings/services

BaRI Store:

Remove reception desk and combine R021 and R020. Flexible space that can be used as meeting space etc for groups/services.

Accessible Meeting Space:

Convert R015 to meeting space with tea/coffee facilities for groups and services.


Convert R019 to commercial kitchen and use as base for lunch club and meals as well as training/learning and use for caterers.

BRDT/Facilities Office:

Use R011 as office and base for suggestions.


Possibly install in R007.

Mental Health Hub:

Use Booklore, R015 and BaRI Store space for accessible services.


First Floor

Co-working & Hot Desking:

Use R003.

HEAT, Climate Cafe:

Use R011 as an office.

Indoor Activities:

Adapt R008 for indoor use.

Mental Health Hub:

Use R004 and R005 for dedicated rooms.

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