Community Action Plan Items that need a Base

Updated 10:12 Friday 27 January

This list was created by BRDT on 20 Jan 2023

The activity looked at all of the 81 actions in the CAP as at 20 Jan 2023

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CAP Actions that could benefit from a Community Building

Biodiversity - Info point

Co-working & Hot desking - Needs owner, room, computers, wifi, desks, refreshment

Create 'What To Do In' Information - Location

Develop Carbon reducing initiatives - Base for HEAT, Climate Cafe, Booklore etc

Develop Community Hub - Community Building Management (BRDT Base)

Develop Paths & Cycle Paths - Info point

Develop/Support local Events Programme - Info point

Encourage Shop local - Info point

Happy to Chat, Happy to Listen Bench Trails (includes RTAP) - Info point

Identity & Promotion - Base

Improve Broadband & Wifi - Base for town wifi and wifi for community building

Indoor Activities - Room, coordinator, storage

Inequality Awareness - Info point

Joint Marketing & Promotion - Info

Make Most of History - Info point

Promote Arts & Cultural Assets - Info point

Promote Environmental Assets - Info point

Promote Path Network - Info

Renewable Energy - Solar Panels on the roof - centre for Community Solar Power Farm (HEAT, BRDT)

Riverside Development - Info point

Suggestions - Location for comments/feedback from public (BRDT manage)

Support Blair in Bloom - Info point

Support Most Vulnerable - Mental Health Hub, Food Project, BaRI Store, Saturday Lunch Club, Meals

Support & Promote Local Heritage - Digital displays, leaflets, maps etc

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