Updated: 15:51 Friday 5 February 2021

Physical Store Opening Times

Mondays - 2pm to 3.30pm

Wednesdays - 4pm to 6pm

Thursdays - 9.30am to 11am

Saturdays - 1pm to 3pm

No need to Queue

Queuing - with effect from 18 May 2022 we will be introducing a system to remove the need to queue to get in first. Everyone at the store at opening time will be given a number - we will then randomly select numbers to determine order of entry.

In inclement weather we will let people into the store to get out of the rain/cold, but we ask you to please wait until a server is ready to walk round with you.

Online Store Info

Whilst re-working the BaRI Food Store to introduce a membership scheme, we have removed the online purchase of food items and for the moment, will not be adding food items for sale due to the time and effort required for short shelf items and low stock numbers.

We will be adding refill products to purchase online - these include household cleaning items, laundry and hair & body products which will always be available (subject to stock levels). We will also be adding herbs and spices to the refill in the coming weeks (late May 2022). These items will be collect only.

If you are struggling financially then please call PKC Welfare Rights Team on 01738 476 900.

BaRI Food - Soup

View our selection of tins of soup

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