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Updated 20:30 Friday 20 November

As part of our sustainable approach, Proactive Communities Blairgowrie & Rattray offers mini-websites via Discover Blairgowrie.

They are available for community groups and small businesses with the aim of providing a cost effective small website with access to an experienced web design team. What you get:

  • domain (subject to availability)
  • email
  • a mini-website with dynamic content, a news/info blog, contact form, privacy policy - see Climate Cafe mini-website as an example
  • the use of a mailing list for your group/business
  • the support of a professional team to help and answer questions

As our hashtag says - #CreatingACommunityGreaterThanTheSumOfItsParts

A mini-website from Discover Blairgowrie Climate Café Mini Website

Community Groups

Mini website for community groups from £200 per year

If your group is looking for a website or has a website but it looks and is out of date, then a Discover Blairgowrie mini-website could be what you are looking for. If you struggle with the technology and time, by working with the community website and our team, we can jointly get you online, help you get your information up to date and help you keep it up to date.

A community group mini-website costs from £100 per year all in - we allow a fair amount of customisation but need to stay with the mini-website theme. Our aim is to help coordinate, communicate and promote what is going on in the town and by having your group as part of that is mutually beneficial. Our information is up to date, your online information is up to date and we are both using each other for the benefit of all.

Your support will help sustain the huge community effort to ensure Blairgowrie & Rattray remains proactive.


Mini website for businesses from £200 per year

If you are a business that needs a website but you are not sure how to go about it or it's too expensive, one of our mini-websites may be the answer. These are available from £200 per year and will take the worry and confusion away from getting your business online with a basic website which you can serve as a stepping stone to your own bespoke website or can stay with your business as long as is needed and we can provide.

You will own the domain and content and there will be no issue if you wish to move or delete as required.

The £200 cost allows a fair amount of customisation but more bespoke solutions may have a one off set up fee - please get in touch to discuss.

Your support will help sustain the huge community effort to ensure Blairgowrie & Rattray remains proactive.

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