Discover Blairgowrie Volunteer Guide - Community Group Listings

Updated 21:02 Wednesday 31 May

Here is a guide to helping keep the Community Group Listings up to date.

Community Group Categories

Start from the Community Group Category (opens in new tab) page and check each category as follows:

Click each category to confirm each has a Community Group listed - if not we need to disable the category.

Go to the Community Group Category List (opens in new tab), select the relevant category (use the Search if needed) and uncheck the Enabled checkbox then click save. Return to the Community Group Category page and refresh to ensure the category is no longer displayed.

Individual Community Groups

In each of the Community Group Categories pages, for each group listed:

  1. Check the information is complete including; image, Name, Intro para, Times, Main Contact listed - note any missing.
  2. Click the Look inside button for each group to view the details.

For each Shop:

  1. Check name is displayed correctly.
  2. Check intro para
  3. Confirm link works (if present)
  4. Confirm phone number is correct - compare to their own website or check Facebook etc.
  5. Make a note if Claim this Listing button is displayed (so we can encourage owner to claim and update themselves)
  6. Check contact info (name, email/phone and meeting time) is correct - compare to their own website or check Facebook etc.
  7. Check photo is up to date - may have to ask shop owner/manager
  8. Confirm details are correct for the group info
  9. For amendments go to the Group Listings (opens in new tab) in the dashboard, search/select the group to view details and update any as needed
  10. Once updated, find contact info and email to ask them to check their details (give them the link to their page). Also ask them if it is ok to add them to the Community Group Mailing list so we can keep them updated and to ask them to check their listings every 4 months. Forward their response confirming to so we can update our mailing list and retain confirmation of their agreement.

Access key details

1 Home page
2 What's new
4 Search
9 Feedback form
0 Access key details