Save Blairgowrie & Rattray Public Toilets

Updated 17:09 Friday 22 March

Please complete our survey to let us know your thoughts on whether we should consider taking on the Public Toilets.

Email for info.

Blairgowrie & Rattray Public Toilets

PKC have taken the decision to close the Blairgowrie & Rattray Public Toilets on 31 March 2024. BRDT is working with BARBA, BRCC and BEPTA as we are aware of an initial outpour of comments on social media from local people saying the toilets should remain open. On behalf of the community we would like to determine public opinion and the possibility of taking on ownership.

Financially unsustainable to continue as they are

The decision to close the toilets is a clear indication that the public toilets cannot operate sustainably as they currently operate. Any future operating model may well rely on being community led and run by volunteers.

Therefore we have created this survey to find out if there is a desire to keep the toilets open and if there is the capacity within the community to do so. We are also looking at the options of financial sponsorship and donations.

Latest as at 22 March 2024

27 March - Management Team meeting at 7pm.

3 April - Volunteers meeting at 7pm.

Date TBC - Toilet running transfers to the community after disabled toilet is repaired and 25 year lease in place.

Please email for info.

Public Toilet Survey

Keep toilets?
I'd like to be part of the management of the toilets
I am happy to volunteer
I do use public toilets elsewhere
I am happy to pay to use public toilets
Blairgowrie Public Toilets

Survey Progress:

As at Wednesday 15 May

Surveys submitted: 203

Keep Toilets? Yes - 193       No - 2

Volunteers for Management Team: 10

Volunteers to help: 21

Willing to pay: Yes 176       No - 9

How much per use:

  • 20p (4)
  • 30p (15)
  • 50p (115)
  • £1 (42)
  • £2 (3)
  • by donation (1)


  • £ 5 per month (4)
  • £10 per month (2)
  •   fundraising  (2)
  •  £ 5 per year  (1)
  • £10 per year  (1)
  • £12 per year  (7)
  • £25 per year  (5)
  • £50 per year (4)

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