Proactive Communities - Clothing Donation Request, Can you Help?


We are providing Christmas Food Parcels for some of our local residents who have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and as part of our information gathering, we asked if they needed any warm clothing and many of them have asked. We are therefore asking if anyone can provide any of the following items shown below.

If you wish to donate, please email and let us know when you can drop the items off at Rattray Hall (Balmoral Road, Rattray) - please drop off as soon as you can so we can ensure the items sit for 3 days.

List is updated as we get requests and donations in.

Current request list

Last updated 17:45 Friday 8 January.

Hat, gloves & scarf - Adult (4 female sets, 2 male sets)

Hat, gloves & scarf - Teenager (1 sets)

Hat, gloves & scarf - Child (2 sets)

Hat, gloves & scarf - Baby (1 set for 10 month old girl, )

Thermal vest - Adult (1 female, 1 male)

Warm socks - Adult (5 pairs)

Warm socks - Teenager (1 pairs)

Warm socks - Baby (1 pair for 10 month old girl)

Jumper - Adult (4 female, 2 male)

Jumper - Teenager (1)

Jumper - Baby (1 for 10 month old girl)

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