Coffee Bean Culture - Handmade by Liam Berge

I create unique, quality handmade items from silver and other metals to be enjoyed
Tel: 07713 278 224

Updated: 13:30 Sunday 7 February.
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Coffee Bean Culture - Handmade by Liam Berge
  • Liam Berge
    Owner/Manager: Liam Berge
  • Opening Times:

    By appointment

Having taken a three day leather crafting course back in 2017, I began a business in making leather goods to help support my learning of the craft, and then decided to try and learn a bit of everything and in 2019 I took a day course in blacksmithing. 

After becoming vegan I decided that leather work was not a craft that followed my lifestyle so needed to find a new craft to keep my hands working, so in the beginning of 2020 I begun a 10 week course in silversmithing. Having found the craft in which I enjoyed I set up a home workbench and am currently learning through this craft. 

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