Royal Rangers

Phone: 07779 466254

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Main Contact: Hamish & Bonnie MacGregor

Meeting Time/Location: Wednesdays 4.15-6pm at Lifeplus Church, William Street

Royal Rangers

What is Royal Rangers

The Royal Ranger’s program is an activity-
based, small group church ministry for mentor-
ing future generations from Primary 1 to Year 12

with a mission to raise up the next generation of
Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.
Through this programme young men will learn
and develop skills for life, a strong character
that helps in the formation of servant leadership
developing young men in a highly relational and
fun environment. Simple and flexible, it’s a
cross-generational that interconnects well with
children, youth, and adult activities.
The Royal Rangers program affirms a hands on,
interactive learning style by featuring an
intentional skilled based journey for P1-Y12
based on their unique design, needs, and
interests. Every meeting, outing, or service
activity is designed to encourage young men in
physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual
well being.
They will learn to grow in integrity, a worldview,
cultural issues, and grow in their citizenship. In
addition, the Royal Rangers ministry moulds
young men into servant leaders, teaching them
vital social, equipping, attitude, leadership, and
service skills.
GROUPS The Royal Rangers program is based
in a local church and is referred to as an
outpost and may consist of one or more groups.
Each group follows a program of activities
based on the interests and abilities of the young
people concerned:

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