Rotary Club of Blairgowrie
Phone: 01828 627 131

Updated: 22:54 Tuesday 16 April - information changes regularly so do check with the group direct.
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Main Contact: Jennifer Sommerville

Meeting Time/Location: We meet weekly on a Wednesday at 6.00 for 6.30pm

Rotary Club of Blairgowrie

PLEASE NOTE - We are as active as ever although we are currently holding our meetings online!

Come and join us for a drink, dinner, a night out, listen to an interesting speaker, and find out what Rotary is, does, and what it can do for you. 

Put a bit back and make the world a better place, "YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE". 

If you find yourself in Blairgowrie on a Wednesday please do try to come along at 6.00pm. We usually meet in the bar to have a "wee dram" before our meal and someone will always buy you a drink. 

You will be very welcome!


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