Perth Citizens Advice Bureau
Phone: 01738 450580

Updated: 15:13 Friday 29 December - information changes regularly so do check with the group direct.
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Main Contact: Perth Citizens Advice Bureau

Meeting Time/Location: By Appointment

Perth Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens advice can help with many issues including:

  • Run benefit entitlement checks
  • assist with completing applications (including online applications)
  • Provide advice and guidance on challenging sanctions
  • Provide advice and guidance in instances where applications have either been unsuccessful or awarded at a lower rate than expected.
  • Seeks to maximise client income by ensuring that they are aware of all forms of support to which they may be entitled, i.e. discounts for heating. 

We are still providing advice by telephone and email.  We provide advice on a range of issues including employment, benefits, housing, consumer issues.  You can contact us on 01738 450580 or by email ‘’. 



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