Mary's Meals

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Updated: 10:56 Sunday 17 May - information changing regularly at the moment so do check with the group direct.

See here for background info on Mary's Meals.

Update 18 November

At the end of October a Mary’s Meals film night with supper was held in St Catharine’s Centre to show the progress the charity has made and the difference it has made to numerous children. Many thanks to those who helped us to raise £152.70 This will go to feed the Children of Chibavi School in Mzuzu, Northern Malawi, which is supported by Blairgowrie and District Support Group.

Over one million children are now being fed in 13 countries around the world. Children who may have died of starvation are now able to apply for work which gives them security for their future. It only costs £12.20 to feed one of these children for a whole year.  

he group’s next fundraiser will be the Ceilidh in Blairgowrie Town Hall on Friday 6th January 2017, tickets £10. This is an all ticket event. 

If you would like tickets or wish to host a film night or find out more about our group please contact Margaret Young on 01250 875086.

There is also an Open Day for Mary's Meals in Edinburgh on Saturday 26th November. If you would like to go, doors open to the public at 1pm in Central Halls, 2 West Toll Cross, Edinburgh. EH3 9BP

Further details about the charity can be found on their website.

Main Contact: Margaret Young

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