Loon Braes Conservation Group

Phone: 01250 871 457

Updated: 11:54 Tuesday 19 December - information changes regularly so do check with the group direct.
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Main Contact: Greenspace Ranger, Chris Martin


Meeting Time/Location: Meets last Thursday of the Month 1-3pm

Loon Braes Conservation Group

We are looking for volunteers to help maintain the park. Tasks include:

  • general maintenance, 
  • planting Trees and Wildflowers, 
  • pond clearance and 
  • footpath tasks.

This is an exciting opportunity to help develop the Loon Braes nature park and learn new skills at the same time - gloves, tools and tea/biscuits provided.

Please contact Greenspace Ranger Chris Martin for more info or to let us know you’re coming along on 01250 871 457  or CMartin@pkc.gov.uk


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