Community Transport Service

Phone: 07543769343

Restart Date: Thursday 23 July

Updated: 12:56 Monday 5 October - information changing regularly at the moment so do check with the group direct.

Community Transport Service

The Community Transport Service is for people that don’t have a car, have poor mobility, find it difficult to use public transport or that live in rural areas with poor transport links, it can be difficult to get out and about.

This can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness and a lack of


CTS provides community transport to support older people to live more independent lives.

Using their own cars, our friendly local volunteer drivers, drive clients to and from hospital, GP and other appointments, to local shops for shopping and to social visits and activities.

CTS means that clients aren’t reliant on neighbours, family members or friends to take them to appointments and is a cheaper option to taking taxis.


Main Contact: Samantha Stewart

Meeting Time/Location:


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