Blairgowrie and Rattray Community Council

We are a statutory organisation made up of volunteers and we act as a voice for the local area regarding issues of public concern.

Restart Date: 6 August 2020

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Main Contact: Gina Purrmann

Meeting Time/Location: Second Thursday of the month at 7pm

Blairgowrie and Rattray Community Council

Next meeting: Thursday 9 June

The objectives of the COMMUNITY COUNCIL:

  • to ascertain, co-ordinate and reflect the views of the community which it represents, to liaise with other community groups within the area, and to fairly express the diversity of opinions and outlooks of the people;
  • to express the views of the community to the local authority for the area to public authorities and other organisations;
  • to take such action in the interests of the community as appears to it to be desirable and practicable;
  • to promote the well-being of the community and to foster community spirit;
  • to be a means whereby the people of the area shall be able to voice their opinions on any matter affecting their lives, their welfare, their environment, its development and amenity.



Chair: Scott MacGregor
Vice Chair: David Cuthill
Treasurer: Robin Duncan
Secretary: Gina Purrmann
Member: Pete Richardson
Member: Samantha Stewart
Member: Sandy Thomson
Member: Ian Ewan


March 2022 - BRCC Approved Minutes.

February 2022 - BRCC Approved Minutes.

January 2022 - BRCC Approved Minutes.

We are waiting for a copy of the constitution.

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