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Unique Scottish Landscape Photos, Alphabet Art, Abstract Art using Acrylic Paint - wonderful gifts and items for your home
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Blairgowrie, Scotland

Scotland My Vision
Scotland My Vision
  • Mark Ogilvy
    Owner/Manager: Mark Ogilvy
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    All year

Hello! We are husband and wife team Mark and Angela Ogilvy.

Mark developed a passion for photography some years ago and lets face it with the views Scotland has to offer who wouldn’t its impossible not to fall in love. Initially our pictures were just for us to decorate our home and to surround ourselves with our memories. I began to share our photographs on social media and quickly built up a following, both from people who love beautiful images and those that no longer live in Scotland having moved away and the photos evoke memories from the past.

I am an amateur photographer completely self taught, getting used to my camera through trial and error, I do not produce over worked images only very minor enhancements to make sure the picture you see is what I see through the lens.

We Sell:

  • Landscape images local to Perthshire and from all over Scotland
  • Alphabet art images, these are everyday images that resemble letters of the alphabet when put next to each other spell out words or names totally unique and would compliment your home decor.
  • Abstract art using acrylic paint as a medium, these vary in sizes put are completely one off pieces of artwork.

All items can be found on our website

Mark lived in Kent for many years met Angela who lived in South Lanarkshire,  we eventually got married on the Isle of Mull in 2019. We live happily in Blairgowrie Perthshire with our dog Hamish and cats Haggis and Lily.

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