Graham Pest Control

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Tel: 0800 14 65 44

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Skirmie Park, Welton Road Industrial Estate, Blairgowrie, Scotland PH10 6NP

Graham Pest Control
  • Ross & Stuart Graham
    Owner/Manager: Ross & Stuart Graham
  • Opening Times: Opening:

    9am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Graham Pest Control is Scotland’s preferred and biggest independent pest control firm with vast experience in managing pest problems in homes, farms, offices, Factories, Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Pubs, Hospitals, Sports Grounds, Airports, Cinemas, Cafes, Cinemas, Theatres, Wine Bars, Campsites…to name a few.

We are a family run, award winning business based in the heart of Scotland. We have local Technicians based throughout the country to ensure a rapid response to all emergency work. Our vehicles are all fitted with GPS trackers and with the latest back office software, we are able to supply our clients with prompt responses to calls where the nearest resource can be allocated, cutting down travelling time and reducing fuel use. Treatment reports and invoices are also electronically generated and emailed to the client with ‘Before and After’ photographs and details of any recommendations to prevent further infestations.

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