Angus Forbes Photography

Professional photographer with over 20 years experience. Weddings, family portraits, commercial, PR and aerial photography.
Tel: 07961 480 485

Updated: 09:29 Wednesday 1 July 2020.
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Newton Street, Blairgowrie

Angus Forbes Photography
  • Angus Forbes
    Owner/Manager: Angus Forbes
  • Opening Times: Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm

Wedding and Commercial photography across Perthshire, Dundee and all of the UK

Angus is a talented and experienced photographer having been in business for over 20 years with a solid client base. Well regarged as a creative photographer with a passion for delivering excellent photographs and exceptional customer service. 

Wedding Photography : Angus has over 1000 weddings under his belt and is highly regarded by fellow wedding industry professionals, when other wedding professionals look for a photographer, they generally ask Angus. Prices starting at £1000 and all photography is copyright free

Commercial Photography : From sheep to haggis pies, serving Prime Ministers and members of the Royal Family Angus has photographed the lot. His creative eye linked with his sense of humour and ability to put even the most nervous of subjects at rest he achieves great results

Family Photography : Looking to get a family photo booked, a new member of the family or just the opportunity to all get together then give Angus a call. He is described as very laid back and most definately not a "diva", he'll put you at ease and get great photos


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