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Westpark Phase 3 - 171 Houses - Dunkeld Road - Gallowbank

Date: Sunday 11 February

Westpark Phase 3 - 171 Houses - Dunkeld Road - Gallowbank

Consultation Request Notification - Deadline 29 February 2024

Copy of the Consultation Request Notification

Perth & Kinross Council have issued a Consultation Request Notification (CRN) to Blairgowrie & Rattray Community Council in regards to Phase 3 of the Westpark Development - the deadline for comment is 29 February.

The area in question is the field on the right as you head out of Blairgowrie & Rattray on the Dunkeld Road between it and Gallowbank as shown on the Satellite View taken from Google Maps and the image taken from the planning documentation.

The CRN states 171 dwellings although the extract from the documentation states 172 - BRCC is asking PKC for clarification.

The CRN also does not explain the reason for Consultation and hence BRCC is also requesting information on this.

Please note that as the development of the land is in the Local Development Plan 3 (LDP 3) then there is already approval for houses to be built on this land and hence as we understand it, that would be very difficult to stop. This is also just a proposal and hence could change as the plans progress.

Link to the planning information documentation online -

Please email with your comments by 26 February 2024 to allow us to collate a response.

Image extracted from the documentation:

Potential Development

Neighbour Notification Map

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