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Earth Day Thursday 22nd April

Date: Tuesday 20 April

Earth Day  Thursday 22nd April

We saw this piece in the "Think Green, Be Green" page in D.C.Thomson's The People's Friend (always in the first week's eddition each month):


Now we've seen off Winter's dust and cobwebs indoors, Earth Day asks us all to think about cleaning up our home planet with three days of climate action starting on April 22nd.

This will be the 51st Annual Earth Day, and will involve more thanone billion people in 192 countries. The theme for this year is "Restore Our Earth", which looks at big, global issues in climate literacy, reforestation and regenerative agriculture, as well as small, everyday actions that anyone can take to live more sustainably.

Taking action isn't confined to those three days though.

As the campaign says, in reality "every day is Earth Day", so on the website there's a list of 51 inspiring actions you can take at any time to make the world a greener place.

You could check your carbon or water footprint, find out how to limit pesticides, try more meat-free meals, find out how to join a socially-distanced neighbourhood clean-up or pick some of the other great ideas at

Which will you try first?



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