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Linda grew up in Canada, has lived most of her adult life in London and Hertfordshire and spent 40 years as a retail and hospitality designer in Toronto and then London, before moving to Blairgowrie last year.
Bob was brought up in Cupar in Fife and qualified as a chartered accountant in Edinburgh, subsequently spending most of his career in London. He held a variety of roles within the financial services industry and including 20 years working in insurance. He has held a number of voluntary roles in the charity sector, including periods as treasurer of a community centre and a Scout group where he was involved in several grant applications for the rebuilding of the Scout Hall. He recently retired and lives in Rattray.
Len worked for almost forty years in social work - with older people, in criminal justice services and child protection and with children with disabilities and their families. He brings many skills to the Trust including people management, strategic management, service design and delivery and conflict resolution. A Blairgowrie resident for many decades he is committed to working towards ensuring the town is a vibrant and active community. He is also a committed advocate for social justice and supports many projects addressing the consequences of the declared climate emergency and plastic pollution, including the local climate café and the Tayside Woodlands Partnership. A long-standing BRDT Trustee, Len’s main roles at the organisation are to manage the HEAT Project and develop the Strathmore Cycle Network.

Originally from Coupar Angus, Teresa spent a number of years living and working in Aberdeen before returning to east Perthshire after starting her family. Over the years, she has worked in various roles in a diverse range of sectors, including solicitors and architects and in the retail and licensed trades as well as in television. Teresa also runs her own organisational design business and has experience in charity finance and management.

She is passionate about raising awareness of the positive impact young people can have in communities and supporting them to do so.

Born and brought up on Milton of Drumlochy Farm near Blairgowrie, William attended the local primary and secondary schools before leaving home to serve an engineering apprenticeship and attend college in Edinburgh. Now retired, William’s career was in mechanical and electrical consultancy where he was responsible for the design, supervision and project management of building services required in the construction industry. He worked on projects throughout the UK and overseas and has vast experience in project management and engineering. As well as being a Trustee of BRDT, William is also on the committee of Blair in Bloom and is particularly involved in the development of the community garden in the town.
Tracie Dick was born in Edinburgh and grew up in Lancashire. She spent a number of years living and working in various places around the Midlands and southern England, including London, predominantly in banking, with a particular focus on training and development and the creation of online learning programmes and management systems. Tracie moved to Blairgowrie, where most of her family is from, in 2010 and in 2016 co-founded a social enterprise supporting local creative talent in the town. Nest Creative Spaces is now a community interest company that provides a creative hub for the local community and which is committed to improving wellbeing and reducing loneliness through crafts, while at the same time keeping reusable material from going to landfill.


BRDT’s finance officer Darren Kane is originally from Perth. Now based in Wormit in Fife, Darren has strong links to the local community through his involvement in the Strathmore Centre for Youth Development (SCYD) and the town’s wrestling scene. A qualified accountant with several years of experience working for a number of companies, Darren runs his own business, Figure Four Accounting, and has a number of clients in a range of sectors.
Nathan has an energy and climate background having studied environmental science at the University of East Anglia before working on Suffolk County Council’s BEE (Business Energy Efficiency) Anglia programme and Groundwork East’s sustainability projects in the east of England. Since then he has been developing his own sustainability consultancy for small businesses and charities while travelling in New Zealand and moving to Scotland. Nathan has a keen interest in action on the ground to improve energy efficiency, fight climate change, and improve people’s lives.