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BRDT Operations and Core Activity

Updated 23:47 Thursday 21 September

Our aim is to help coordinate, communicate, promote what's going on in our town as well as help coordinate the development of our town as outlined in the Community Action Plan. To support this our Board employs the following:

  • Operations & Admin Manager (Contractor) - manages core activity of the Trust
  • Website & IT Support (Contractor) - manages websites and IT
  • Project Development (Contractor) - manages the Food & Biodiversity Project and coordinates Project Development in line with the Community Action Plan
  • Community Engagement (Contractor) - provides support to all local groups (150 as at March 2023) and individuals in the community
  • Finance Manager (Contractor) - manages finances
  • Finance Assistant - provides day to day finance activity

Coordination, Communication, Promotion & Development

Communication and promotion is achieved by a mixture of:

Quarterly forum meetigns

The forum has been running since 2013 when the first Hub Magazine was created - it aims to bring everyone together to share what they've been doing and what they are planning. It is an opportunity to share and collaborate and help each other promote what is going on. They are held roughly quarterly and normally occur in the week before the deadline for the Hub Magazine and are held in person but you can also join online. In 2022 we created the Town Event which is an annual in person forum showcasing what is going on in the town. Upcoming dates are:

Blairgowrie & Rattray Spring Forum - Tuesday 23 January 2024

A Diagram explaining how things fit

Blairgowrie & Rattray Development Trust Operation Disgram