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Blairgowrie & Rattray Development Trust - Articles of Association

As a company limited by guarantee with no share capital, BRDT operates under Articles of Association under The Companies Act 2006 - you can download a copy of our current Articles of Association here. To save reading the full document, we outline our aims and activities (Objects and Powers) below. 

BRDT Aims - Objects and Powers:

Our aims are to support our town and community with on-going sustainable development for the town and also for the Trust to maintain continuity and sustained, coordinated development. 

Summary of Objects

Our Articles outline the following activities:

  • to manage land and assets for the community
  • to provide recreational facilities/activities to improve lives - these could include:
    • community centre/hub
    • healthy living initiatives
    • space for groups/agencies to benefit the community
    • childcare
    • community learning
    • educational/training and cultural activities
  • to support community development/regeneration
    • support training events and activities
    • produce/distribute information - newsletter, website, magazine, video, audio, flyers, posters etc
    • support local groups
  • raise awareness of the environment, culture, heritage and history
  • increase sustainable development of the natural environment and infrastructure

For further information on our Articles and activities, please email

Articles of Association

BRDT Articles of Association first page

Click to download a copy