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Who we are

More and more species, many once common, are threatened with extinction as habitats are destroyed. Britain has lost 97% of its flower-rich meadows. Garden birds, bumblebees and butterfiles are in serious decline.

On our own it is hard to know how to make a difference.

But together we can.

Biodiversity Blair is a group of local volunteers with an interest in improving the environment for all species.

The group operates under the Blairgowrie & Rattray Development Trust (BRDT) and is managed by Lesley McDonald (BRDT Project Development) and coordinated by Steve Johnson (BRDT Ops & Admin Manager). As part of the Development Trust, the group is guided by the Community Action Plan and the need to improve biodiversity and is able to apply for funding which is managed by the Trust.

We are currently (August 2022 to July 2025) funded by the National Lottery (Community Led Funding) to deliver a Home Grown Wellbeing Project - Feeding and Growing with our Community.

In 2022 we received funding from the Nature Restoration fund which enabled us to begin our activities.

How we came about

We have been working with Catherine Lloyd of the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership, who set up Scotland's first Biodiversity Villages at St Madoes and Glencarse and Guildtown, since 2020. Because of the work undertaken during 2020 and 2021, the creation of our own Blairgowrie & Rattray Biodiverse Action Plan which integrates with our Community Action Plan, and the activities being driven by the Open Spaces Group, Catherine was delighted to advise that we are the first town in Scotland to commit to being a Biodiverse Town.

We are aware there are many towns, villages and neighbourhoods working to integrate biodiversity into their communities and we hope that they will join us in helping Scotland become a Biodiverse Country aiming for Carbon Net Zero and No Net Loss of Biodiversity.

Please email if you would like to find out more about our activities or if you would like to help.

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