Mini Bioblitz 2023

Last Update: Wednesday 2 August


We are working with Tayside Biodiversity and carrying out a Mini Bioblitz from 21 July to 13 August 2023

Mini Bioblitz 2023

Current and Planned Activities - Get Involved

To keep it manageable, we are only going to be looking for the 10 species below:

We need your help to see how well these 10 things are doing in our area. Download this sheet (should download to your Downloads folder) to record where and when you see them at any time up to the 13th August and hand into the BaRI Building on Blairgowrie High Street (old TSB Building) – or put your findings direct onto the iNaturalist website (you will have to create an account and 'join' the Blairgowrie Mini BioBlitz page). Use the back of the sheet for multiple recordings.

What is a Bioblitz?

According to National Geographic it is a "biological inventory or biological census" - but in simple terms, it's about looking to see what plants and wildlife we can see in our local area. They can be done over a 24 hour period, weekend or as long as you want - in this our first Bioblitz, we are working with Tayside Biodiversity Partnership between now and 13 August 2023.

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