Amphibian Ladder Workshop

Last Update: Friday 12 April


An amphibian ladder is an escape mechanism for frogs, toads and newts etc to climb out of gullypots if they fall in.

Amphibian Ladder Workshop

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This was a fascinating workshop both to hear about why it is needed and the making and installing of the ladders.

As we build more houses etc, we are continually dislodging wildlife from their natural habitats or interrupting their corridors for their passage. Unfortunately many end up down gullypots with no means of escape - this is what an amphibian ladder is made to combat!

The workshop was fascinating with Trevor doing all the prep work, Danielle Muir from Perthshire wildlife having measured the depths of the many gullypots and us making them to the required lengths. Ingenious, simple and effective. We made around 30 ladders and installed around 15 with Trevor taking the others away to install around the town and area.

Some hotos from the day:



Ladder installation

Newt rescued from a gullypot

Amphibian ladder in gullypot

workshop poster

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