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Town Quiz - 27 November 2021

(Answers available 4 December 2021)

Q1. Blairgowrie and Rattray Christmas Lights Switch on is going to be a bigger event this year, running from 4pm until 8pm this Saturday the 27th November! Who looks after the Christmas Lights? Blairgowrie and Rattray Illuminations
Q2: What colour are the berries found on the European mistletoe plant?
Q3: Where in Rattray does the Christmas Tree stand?
Q4: Bob Stewart Music question of the week - Which band recorded their major Christmas hit in New York in summertime?
Q5: Which group performs annually at the Christmas light switch on and rehearses in Rattray hall?
Q6: Where in Rattray would you find Rattray Community Halls?
Q7: What decoration, with parts called ‘lametta’, was invented in Nuremberg, Germany in 1610?
Q8: Nest Creative Spaces Community Interest Company hold a range of what type of Christmas gifts?
Q9: Sarah Cave Silversmith runs what type of workshop?
Q10: There are 2 temporarily fenced off sections in the Wellmeadow, why?
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27 November 2021

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This week's answers will be revealed on 4 December 2021.

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