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Town Quiz - 31 July 2021

(Answers available 7 August 2021)

Q1. How high is a Scottish Munro? 3000 feet or more
Q2: What is the longest River in Scotland?
Q3: Robert Louis Stevenson was born in which Scottish Town/City?
Q4: What animal are the famous Kelpies statues?
Q5: Scotland is home to the world's tallest what?
Q6: Which local shop delivers newspapers?
Q7: What is Edinburgh's Mary Kings Close?
Q8: What did Alexander Fleming invent?
Q9: What are "quines" and "loons"?
Q10: On which island is the rock formation known as the old man of Hoy?
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31 July 2021

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This week's answers will be revealed on 7 August 2021.

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