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Lactose Free Cream

Lactose Free Cream
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Lactose Free Stabilised Pasteurised Whipping Cream

Visit our website and search for "Our Farmer Promise" to learn more.

Welcome to Feel Good Dairy

When it comes to wellness and feeling good, nobody knows you like you. So if simple, nutritious, delicious goodness is your thing, then don't hold back. Arla LactoFREE has the same great taste of dairy that we want everyone to enjoy it's just free from Lactose. Slurp, gulp, guzzle. Go with your gut and live with all your might. Best enjoyed the way you like it.

Simple Goodness No Weird Stuff, Honestly

At Arla Lactofree we believe that food should be made from food. This is why we only use lactose free** milk that is made from all natural ingredients. We all know that milk naturally contains one of the richest combinations of nutrients you can find in a single food, right? With milk as its core ingredient, Arla Lactofree range provides you with protein, calcium, vitamins and all the other goodness of regular dairy. And none of the lactose. That's wellness made easy.

*Easier to digest for those who may have gastro-intestinal discomfort caused by lactose intake.

**Less than 0.03% lactose: We use rigorous scientific testing to ensure that Arla LactoFree yogurt contains no lactose, using accurate accredited tests, enabling us to detect lactose at a trace level of 0.03%. At this level our tests show that there is no lactose present in Arla LactoFree.

Tetra Pack® - Tetra Top®

Lactose free milk Delicious Dairy Goodness

Lactose free milk with great dairy taste as it's made with cows milk but free from Lactose

Lactose free Cream that's delicious dairy goodness

Arla is a Farmer owned dairy co-operative - care is taken in every step from cow to you

Suitable for vegetarians & those who love the taste of real milk & nutritious, delicious goodness

Pack size: 250ML



Cream (Milk), Lactase Enzyme, Stabiliser (Carrageenan)

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