Blairgowrie, Rattray and District Climate Cafe

Time/Location: Wednesday -

Meeting Location:

Our next meeting will  be on September 16th (on Zoom 7.00 - 8.30). We will follow up on our discussion with James Byrne of Pesticide Action Network last week and decide how we will keep up the pressure on PKC to be more ecologically aware in their land management programme. In particular, we want PKC to stop altogether their use of Glyphosate which is currently their weed killer of choice. One part of keeping up the pressure is to have a communications strategy - we need to work out how we are going to put one into action. As well as getting up to date with what we are all doing, there will be a meeting of coordinators of the Climate Cafes soon to work on a number of issues including what we will say to Scottish Government about their Economic Recovery plan. We have been invited to give views in person.

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