Introduction to Creating Videos Using Your Mobile Phone

Time: Tuesday 15 September at 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: Online

Meeting Zoom Link

Introduction to Creating Videos Using Your Mobile Phone

with Kelly McIntyre

Recording video has never been so easy or effortless with the powerful camera in your smartphone, and with a little practice and a few top tips, you can start recording great promotional footage with just your smart phone.

In this introductory workshop you'll learn how to plan, record and edit simple videos using your mobile phone.

Topics covered:

  • the equipment you might want to have to shoot with your phone e.g. tripod, microphone
  • how to choose the best resolution for the best results
  • shot composition and sequence planning,
  • scripting and storyboarding your project
  • iIntroduction to editing software

Join us at the link 10 minutes before the session.

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