Royal Voluntary Service
Phone: 01738 633975

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Main Contact: Geoff Bird

Meeting Time/Location: various

Royal Voluntary Service


The Royal Voluntary Service provides practical help and friendly social contact for older people from people living locally. This is achieved by providing time limited services such as home visits, community engagement and assistance with shopping.  

Popular services throughout Tayside regions are the Social Clubs and Lunch Clubs. These enable our Service Users to get out and about and socialise regularly within the community.

Tayside Hub Services: 

Supporting You At Home – 12 week support with shopping assistance, companionship visits at home, community engagement

Lunch Clubs – Perth, Crieff, Bridge of Earn

Social Club – Perth

Home from Hospital Service - Dundee


The Royal Voluntary Service rely on volunteers to provide our services to our clients and we are consistently striving to recruit for volunteers to provide one of the listed services that make a significant difference to an elderly person’s life within the Tayside region as a whole.

If you feel the services of the Royal Voluntary Service would benefit you or a friend or a member of the family, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Equally, if you feel you can devote a couple of hours a week to volunteer for us and make a difference to an older person’s life, please contact us.

Contact the Perth based team:

Facebook: Royal Voluntary Service TaysideTelephone:01738 633975Email: Web: 

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