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Perth Autism Support

The Service is called Ease The Move and has been funded through the Scottish Strategy for Autism Innovation Fund, the project is designed for young adults leaving education but who may not be ready for employment or further/higher education.

The service works with young people aged between 16-25 years who live in the Perth and Kinross area, allowing them up to two years (depending on individual needs) to gain the necessary skills and experience to prepare for the next stage of their lives. The project supports the young people with:

  • Community based activities
  • Appropriate adult learning opportunities
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Employment advice
  • Support to further/higher education Independent travel

But all at a pace that is right for each young person to ensure they have the same opportunities as their peer group.

To qualify for Ease the Move, the young person must have an autism diagnosis and be willing to work towards an agreed goal. A referral form must be completed and submitted to so it can be considered by the project panel.

If you need any more information please visit the Perth Autism Support website.


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