Blairgowrie and Rattray Community Transport Scheme

Updated: 10:52 Sunday 17 May - information changing daily at the moment so do check with the group direct.

Community transport scheme has been set up to help tackle isolation.

The following volunteers are required (see forms below to volunteer)-

Volunteer drivers

Volunteer administrator

Blairgowrie & Rattray community transport scheme is a new service in response to a survey undertaken by One Voice Volunteer Group Association which highlighted the need for a local transport scheme to address the difficulties many people find getting out and about in the local community.

The survey highlighted that, in the main, older people were feeling isolated due to restricted mobility, illness, difficulty accessing public transport, frailty and lack of bus service.

The volunteer charity group raised funds locally from various sources to set up a transport project which commenced on 1st May providing taxi vouchers to the value of £2.00 to enable people get out and about and help improve their quality of life and socialise or attend groups such as the Friendship Café where they can meet friends, have a coffee and be entertained and enjoy the morning. Trips to libraries, hairdressers and meet friends for coffee can be difficult and costly for older people and this service is about keeping people connected and happy. £2 taxi voucher is provided for social trips towards the cost of one way taxi fare. There is a criteria and membership form for those eligible to use the service.

The taxi voucher scheme is a pilot project until a volunteer driver scheme can be put in place undergoing all the necessary policies and procedures and complying with Disclosure Scotland.

To date the service is well received and proving a lifeline for many people and most local taxis are on board to assist with the service.

If you would like further information please see the leaflet on the Taxi Voucher Scheme service

If you would like to register to use the service or know of someone who would benefit please contact for a registration form. 

The transport service is looking for volunteer drivers for the longer term sustainability of the service. If you can spare a few hours a month, have access to a car then please contact us.

Maggie Urquhart, Development Officer.

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Main Contact: One Voice Office Volunteers

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